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Eight key trends of DeFi in 2020, which ones will continue?

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2020 is the time of a year. For DeFi, over the past year, also from primitive to explosion, we witness the power of the DeFi.

In early 2020, DeFi entrepreneurs investors, developers, and is only just beginning to understand and play DeFi this lego, but in the end of the DeFi for encryption community brings the most growth momentum. DeFi hotspot, DeFi memes, everywhere. In the field of DeFi, over the past year, have innovation, there are hackers and lightning attack, a moment of bifurcate, there is a market collapse, have DeFi platform tokens dropped, also have a bull market is coming.

At the beginning of 2021, sharing an article from Chris Power, let us have a thorough understanding of 2020 DeFi eight key trends, take a look at what trends will continue in 2021.

A, COINS began to support the development of DeFi

In 2020, the currency are breaking a record high this year, colorful, don't let a ChiBiRen. Despite lots of BTC outside DeFi circle, but a fraction (0.6%) of the total supply of BTC now through escrow agency (WBTC, HBTC), half a centralized bridge (renBTC) or decentralized bridge protocol (tBTC), use tokens mode of Ethernet access lane. In addition, there are also some anchor BTC synthesis tokens way the price of the product.

Currency is an important source of collateral lending platform, with 7% of DAI supported by the currency issue. Investors will be their BTC tokens, in order to obtain the high yield of DeFi. WBTC & renBTC holders of the top 10, there are 8 is AMM liquidity pools or borrowing platform; ETH/WBTC deal of liquidity has been the AMM marketmakers favorite, is also Uniswap and Sushiswap liquidity is an important mining.

Over the past two months the currency prices soaring, tokens of BTC growth has slowed. BTC will continue to play after ETH in DeFi role, but the currency could be a compelling proof of liquidity black hole theory: DeFi would continuously to attract the etheric fang ecological assets.

Second, the hacker attacks

In 2020, we also witnessed many hackers attack, protocol vulnerabilities and scrip economy model. DeFi agreement after launch, secured by assets value in the agreement, became the honeypot, attracted numerous pairs of eyes are greedy.

On February 15, bZx team in the official announcement on cable group, said the hackers to vulnerabilities, bZx agreement at this point the ETH Dever activity is underway. This is the first major assault case in 2020, lightning terrible loan ability, let some DeFi agreement brings the vulnerability of these sessions.

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