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SUPER TRISTER DAPP Maintenance and Upgrade Notice

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SUPER TRISTER DAPP Maintenance and Upgrade Notice

Super Trister DAPP will be maintained and upgraded from 10:00-12:00 (GMT+8) on November 6,2020. DAPP will not be able to be used normally during the maintenance and upgrade, and will resume normal use after the maintenance and upgrade.

5 front-end repairs:

Fix the problem that the error code is displayed when the prompt box reports an error.

Fix the display problem of the miner's income record


Fix ETH deposit and withdrawal gas calculation


Fix the gas processing during income extraction.

Fix other known issues.

2 optimization items:

Optimize the deposit receipt interface and operation process.

Optimize the data display.


1. Before repairing and upgrading, please keep the private key.

2. It is recommended to restart software after upgrading.

3. If there is any problem during the upgrade process, please contact the node in time for assistance.


November 6, 2020