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Notice To Users Of Super Trister Regarding Combustion Upgrade

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It's been more than half a year since the launch of theTLC token in May. First of all, thanks to our fellow miners, the TRISTER team has been making progress and improvement in both technical and resource cooperation, looking at the entire blockchain industry, TRISTER'S team aspires to build atruly decentralized financial ecosystem that will work. A new economic model, called TLC3.0, is being developed for the entire Decentralized finance sector, which will be different from all current lending agreements and is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2021(around May) .

Due to the complex logic involved in the loan agreement and the need to interact with multiple protocols at the same time, in TLC3.0 users will directly access and operate using a third-party decentralized wallet. The TLC token will be permanently lost once it enters the black hole, and all users will be informed in advance that TLC token will be burned as appropriate, depending on their rate of return on investment, the team at the TRISTER will not compensate for the burning TLC tokens.


December 13,2020