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Trister's Light Phase 1 Nodal Pool Online Consensus Meeting Coming Soon

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There are quite a few exciting concepts in blockchain, and DAO is one of them. What is a DAO?

A DAO, or Distributed Autonomous Organization, is a form of organization based on a blockchain that can operate autonomously, without interference or regulation, through open and fair rules.

Two features of DAO:

AUTONOMY: The DAO is like a fully automatic robot, when all its programs are set up successfully, it can start running according to the original rules. In the course of operation, it is also able to continuously self-maintain and upgrade according to the actual situation, through a continuous self-improvement mechanism to adapt to the environment around it.

ORGANIZATION: The DAO is a decentralized, self-governing organization in which all coin holders are shareholders, and miners and developers become participants by contributing their services to the organization. When an institution is needed by more and more people, the equity interests in the hands of each person in the institution are likely to appreciate in value.A DAO is a social group that brings people together to work toward a common goal.

Trister's Light will soon hold its first Node Pool Online Consensus Meeting to explore how to shape Trister's future. The "Wisdom of the Crowd" allows for better collective decision making and better organization, and allows every TLC owner to participate in the growth of Trister's Light.

Community and governance are complex and difficult to manage correctly, but they are critical to Trister's future. This is why the node pools need to be united and the processes and incentives need to be balanced and coordinated through many meetings. The Trister community is built on the contributions and supervision of each and every miner. This Consensus Conference is just the beginning.